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Things We Saw
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Getting underway give us a great hands-on learning experience AND we get to see some interesting things.....

Our latest season was the best ever!

This is YP-671 a former USN Yard Patrol Boat. These boats were used at Annapolis for training Midshipmen. They also served as training platforms at Officer Candidate School. They are ideally suited for training NROTC, NSCC and NLCC.
She is 80 feet long, 19 feet abeam and displaces 60 tons. She has a wood hull and aluminum superstructure. 671 was built in 1974. She is powered by four Detroit Diesel 6-71 series engines.

This album contains some of the photographs we took of things we saw while at sea.

She's the home away from home for our trainees and my home for most weekends and a bit more, during the summer.

Hope you like what you are about to see.