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Summer Training

The highlight of our summer program was our 8 day advanced training which combines seamanship and the safe boating course. After three days of dockside "classroom" and hands-on training we got underway, destination Manitowoc, Wisconsin where we were the guests of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. This trip gave the cadets 32 hours of underway experience, standing full four hour watches as helmsmen, lookouts and engineers, as well as line handlers when docking. Subsequent cruises since this time have more than doubled the underway time and experience. They get a wide range of experience since they have to "do it all".

ship's crew, dockside in Manitowoc, WI

This is the crew from Seamanship & Safe Boating Advanced Training 2000, dockside in Manitowoc. We had a crew of 12 although only 9 are pictured. This was taken shortly after the Museum Director paid us a visit and the missing three were inside the USS COBIA (SS-245) taking the tour. Since 1999 crews of Naval Sea Cadets have embarked of ever further reaching voyages on Lake Michigan