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Welcome to MANATRA's On-Line mall. Some of the advantages of shopping on-line are:

It's Convenient-No traffic or crowded stores, eliminating the frustration that many shoppers experience on a typical shopping outing.

Lots of Bargains-Many on-line stores offer low prices or free shipping as incentives for customers to shop on-line.

Good Selection-On the internet there isn't the limitation of space that they might have in a traditional "brick and mortar" type store. The internet is an exciting prospect for many merchants, and creates a great marketplace for consumers.

Easy access to distant stores-If you're on vacation and buy a product which you can't find near your home, chances are that you'll be able to find it on-line. In fact many stores like are available ONLY online.

CONTRIBUTE TO MANATRA- By shopping at these selected stores in the MANATRA On-Line Mall, a percentage of each sale is contributed to MANATRA. Stores offer an average of 5% royalty to the Association while some sites offer as much as 20%!

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Neptune Cigar Boutique

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Marine Navigation and Training Association,Inc. (MANATRA) is not recommending these on-line shopping sites. The purpose of this service is solely to serve as a convenience to the users. MANATRA and the WEBMASTER, who is responsible for development of the On-Line Mall, is not responsible for issues related to customer dissatisfaction, non-delivery, pricing, or product performance.

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