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Notes about this training
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NSCC Girls Training
Notes about this training

Personal Comments

This was the first all-female training we have ever had aboard YP-671 and from what I can gather one of the only all-female shipboard trainings in the Mid-West if not the Nation.

I've always had more questions about participating from the ladies than from the guys. Maybe they are more curioous, I don't know. We had to consider several things, adaquate female adult support was chief among them. We can't plan a cruise and have escort back out at the last minute, that would not only be disasterous for the evolution but would be disasterous for the cadets hoping to participate.

Also this season we have had some problems with out dock space which caused a loss of shore power ( we overcame that by running the ships' generator at the expense of burning more fuel), a loss of hot water for showers (thanks Columbia Yacht Club for your facilities) and some other small issues.

All of the female cadets came from Inaugural Division in St. Louis and they provided a female adult escort. LT Tom LoRusso is commended on his spirit and determination to get his cadets up here and aboard for a unique underway experience.

While the guys brought different levels of expereince the most senior female was a Seaman. One participant has been in the NSCC for three months. Each and every one was outstanding and participated fully in all activities. They understand the concept of teamwork and we'll look forward to sailing with them again.

In in future we are hopeful for a full 8 day advanced training for female cadets.

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