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What is Our Goal?

The programs have changed somewhat from earlier years. The Sea Cadets, sponsored in part by the Navy League, are now very active aboard while Sea Scouts are no longer involved and have changed their focus as an organization, although a Sea Scout unit has recently asked to participate. US Navy Reservists from Peoria and the Chicago Area offer skills to assist with training and maintenance alongside MANATRA volunteers. Five to eight day training cruises for Sea cadets in cooperation with the US Coast Guard Stations from Milwaukee to Two Rivers along the West Shore of Lake Michigan and Stations form Michigan City, Indiana to Muskegon, Michigan along the East side of the Lake have been hugely successful and popular, both with the young people and the Coast Guard personnel.

MANATRA III (YP-671) serves as the advanced training site for the following programs:


The Navy League of the United States established the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) in 1958 at the request of the Department of the Navy. The objectives of the NSCC are:

Develop an appreciation for our Navy’s history, customs, traditions and its significant role in national defense.

Develop positive qualities of patriotism, courage, self-reliance, confidence, and pride in our nation and other attributes, which contribute to development of strong moral character, good citizenship traits and a drug-free lifestyle.

Present the advantages and prestige of a sea going career.

This civilian youth training program is for young people ages 13-17. The local units of the NSCC provide a variety of activities supervised by qualified Sea cadet Corps Officers and instructors, as well as Navy and Coast Guard instructors. When not aboard MANATRA, cadets use classroom settings to learn basic military requirements, seamanship, water safety, moral guidance, social amenities, drug/alcohol abuse education, and Naval history.


Under the NSCC umbrella is the Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC), a youth program for children, ages 11-13. NLCC was established “…to give young people mental, moral and physical training through the medium of naval and other instruction, with the objective of developing principles of patriotism and good citizenship, instilling in them a sense of duty, discipline, self-respect, self-confidence and a respect for others.”


As the only training vessel located on the Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana shores of Lake Michigan, MANATRA III (YP_671) also serves as a training vessel for college and university students participating in Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) programs. NROTC officer candidates from midwestern universities, including Northwestern, IIT, Ohio State, Notre Dame, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois, train aboard throughout the season. Often aboard with Sea cadets, officer candidates learn and practice ship handling, navigation, piloting, seamanship, fire fighting, rescue, and leadership skills, providing an outstanding model for the younger Sea cadets. Under the command of Navy officers assigned to the NROTC programs, candidates sometimes experience their very first “sea duty” aboard MANATRA.
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