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Gray training vessel near old Coast Guard Station)
DuSable Harbor - Chicago, IL 60601
Chicago River & Lakeshore Drive


Go EAST all the way to Lakeshore Drive. Go NORTH on Lakeshore Drive, exit (on the lake side) at Randolph St. At bottom of ramp turn RIGHT (east) into turnaround for passenger drop off.


Go EAST all the way into the Loop ( the IKE changes into Congress Parkway ) until it ends at Columbus Drive ( Buckingham Fountain will be straight ahead ). Turn LEFT (north). Go to Randolph Street, turn RIGHT (east). Go under Lakeshore Drive into turnaround for passenger drop off.


Exit EAST (one way) on Ohio Street into the City. Go 2 blocks past Micigan Avenue. Go up to Fairbanks Court ( also called Columbus Drive).Turn RIGHT (south). Go to Randolph Street turn LEFT (east). Go under Lakeshore Drive to turnaround for passenger drop off.

Exit the turnaround on to Lakeshore Drive South. This is an immeadiate left with signs. As you merge on to Lakeshore Drive you will need to merge all the way to the right, over four lanes. Turn right at the first signal. This is East Monroe. Go to the next block (Columbus) and turn right. Enter Monroe Street Parking Garage on your right. After passing through the ticket lanes go to the Northeast corner which is parking section 172. After parking, use Randolph Street exxit doors. NOTE:Before the highrise on the left, look for stairs on the right that will take you to the lower level. Then follow the trail East to DuSable Harbor and walk North (left) to the Chicago River. Plan on 20 minutes to drop off your passengers, park and return to the vessel. The vessel is near the old coast guard station.

Parking may also be available in the DuSable Harbor Parking Lot. As you approach the turnaround area from randolph Street you will see signs indicating where to go for "DuSable Harbor Parking" follow these. If you are in the turnaround, turn right as though you were going up the ramp to go across the river. You will see a sign for DuSable Harbor Parking, take that slight left and follow the ramp DOWN to the booth and gate. There may be parking available in this lot which is closer depending on time of year and day of the week. Be certain to hook the tag to your rear view mirror when you leave your car or you could get towed away at substantial cost. Drive down as far as you can and park in a space. Walk out into the park area and look for a brownish stone building, this sits at the end of the dock we are on. Walk out onto that dock ( it's concrete ) and you'll soon find the vessel, near the old coast guard station.