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Hands On Training Like No Other
USCG Orientation
Training for Coast Guard and Cadets Alike
Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand
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Training for Coast Guard and Cadets Alike

Our traising is two-fold, it's trains the cadets and it keeps the skills of the coastguard men and women sharp.


27-footer from USCG Station Muskegon trains in coming alongside


While we were in Muskegon, MI we took cadets from the West Michigan Division aboard for some underway training. Here a YP cadet instructs his West Michigan relief on steering


Vessel Boarding is on of the most dangerous jobs for the USCG and is part of their law enforcement mission. All the more important in the post 9-11 world. The YP provides an unfamiliar training ground for them.


Training aboard is a 100% hands on experience. The cadets are expected to perform all aspects necessary to operating a ship underway, while under the supervision of experienced former Merchant Marine and USN/USCG personnel. Here SR Hocutt works the navigation plot.